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About Views

A view is an application window that runs an embedded Red App within Sabre Red 360.

The types of Red Apps that are most typically executed inside views are tools that complement the capabilities of SRW 2.0 and SR360.

For this reason, end-users refer to a view as an assistant tools panel. Some examples of applications that are assistant tools include Format Finder, PNR Services, and Encode/Decode. You can integrate Red Apps in either a vertical view or a horizontal view.

A view has the following characteristics when it is integrated into Sabre Red 360:

  • If a view is associated with an editor, the application that is running within the view complements the editor.

  • A horizontal view requires an editor.

  • An editor is optional for a vertical view.

  • A view is not visible on startup.

  • A view is not moveable. It remains docked to the right side or bottom of a given editor.

  • The Java code establishes the widget in the view that receives focus when it is started.

  • A view is opened by a command that is combined with a menu contribution or by an event other than a command. The view can have a menu entry on the main menu and the application side bar.

  • A view has a status line contribution.

  • A view requires a title on the view header.

  • An icon for a view is optional, but recommended.

  • A view can be minimized. When a view with a menu contribution on the application side bar is minimized, the icon on the side bar is highlighted.

You can add menu contributions to any of the following menus to enable end-users to open your view window:

  • Tools sub-menu on the main menu bar

  • Application side bar. The application side bar is available only when SRW 2.0 or SR360 editor is active. If your view is associated with either SRW 2.0 or SR360, your view can contribute to the application side bar.

You can also write code to listen to an event that opens a view. An example is the display of a view when an end-user types a command in classic view.

You have the following options for creating views:

  • Implement a view window either vertically or horizontally. Vertical and horizontal views are presentation methods. Horizontal views conceal part of the tab in Sabre Red 360, nevertheless, you may develop an application that is best viewed horizontally.

  • Create a single view in either orientation for your plug-in.

  • Create multiple views and embed different content in each view.

For examples of views or assistant tools panels in Sabre Red 360 , see com.sabre.redapp.example.view.basic.