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About Retrieval of Agent Work Area Data

IWorkAreaService is an OSGi registered service that you can use to obtain the following information about an end-user in Sabre Red 360 at the EPR level:

  • The name of the "current work area." The name is a letter from A to F. The current work area is the work area that is in use in the most-recently selected emulator window.

        The getWorkAreaInUse() method returns the most recently selected emulator window.

  • A list of all "active work areas" from A to F. A work area is considered to be active if an end-user is signed in.

        The getActiveWorkAreas() method returns a collection of WorkAreaData objects for each active work area. These objects retrieve the PCC, AAA PCC, and work area name.

Adding an Activator class that inherits from AbstractEdgeBaseNonUIPlugin or AbstractEdgeBasePlugin is recommended to simplify coding. An Activator class in the plug-in lets you use Sabre Red 360 superclasses. This is the recommended way to consume OSGi services.

This service does not require the plug-in to call communications services in SRWRuntime. It can be added to any plug-in within a Red App bundle.