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About Notifications

A notification is a type of dialog box whose most typical purpose is to provide information to end-users in Sabre Red 360. Minimal content for a notification includes the title of the dialog, the priority, text, a left side bar, and the time of display. A notification must be displayed in a UI thread.

For notifications, you can add menu contributions to the main menu in Sabre Red 360, however, this requires a command with a handler.

A typical notification implements a listener for a specific command in Sabre emulator. When an end-user types the command, a notification with information that is based on the command is displayed. Another example of a notification is the display of a message and a progress bar while a Red App is searching for fares or downloading a file.

You can create the following types of Red App notifications:

  • A basic text notification

  • A notification with a "More Details" link

  • A custom notification with a progress bar

After you create a basic notification, you can embed any functionality that you want, for example, you can add a progress bar onto a simple text notification, or you can combine several types of notifications.

You can also set a priority for notifications with the setPriority() method. The options are, from least to most important, LOW, NORMAL, HIGH, and CRITICAL. If multiple notifications are set to appear at the same time, Sabre Red 360 displays them in the following order:

  • If the notifications have different priorities, the notification with the highest priority appears first. Specifying an order for notifications in the Java code is ignored.

  • If all notifications have the same priority, Sabre Red 360 displays them in the order in which they are added in the Java code.

You can display a maximum of six notifications at the same time. If you want to display additional notifications, the notifications wait in the queue until some of notifications that are currently displayed disappear.

Additionally, you can design Red App notifications to take the following actions:

  • Destroy a notification. The currently-displayed notification disappears. If another notification is in the queue, the next notification is shown immediately.

  • Replace a notification. After a period of time elapses, a new notification replaces the notification that is currently displayed.