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About Editors

An editor is displayed as a tab in Sabre Red 360. It is a basic building block for interaction between end-users and your Red App in a tab. You can integrate the following types of applications within a tab in Sabre Red 360:

  • Standalone components and Red Apps that do not require interaction with other capabilities of Sabre Red 360. Agents click on a tab to use the application, however, data is not shared between the application and Sabre Red 360.

  • Applications that share business logic with Sabre Red 360. Agents use an application in a tab. When they click on another tab, the data may be shared between or among multiple apps.

A Red App that is wrapped as an editor has the following characteristics in Sabre Red 360:

  • The tab has a label.

  • End-users open an editor from a command on the application launcher bar, which is along the top of Sabre Red 360.

  • A Red App that is embedded within an editor has a menu contribution either on the main menu, the application launcher bar, or both.

  • An icon on the tab is optional, but recommended.

Examples of editors in Sabre Red 360 are available at com.sabre.redapp.example.editor.basic.