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About Contact Details in a Plug-in

Contact details in a plug-in consist of the information that you provide to your end-users about how to obtain support for your plug-in if they need help. If your Red App breaks or if it is not functioning otherwise, your end-users must be able to contact you. End-users of your plug-in display your contact information by choosing Contact Us > Application Vendor Support in Sabre Red 360.

Requirements for contact details are described as follows:

  • You must add the com.sabre.edge.redapp.contactdetails.provider extension point to the main Red App plug-in in the Red App bundle. Sabre will not publish your plug-in without the required contact information.

  • Other plug-in dependencies in the bundle cannot include contact details.

  • The basic data that you must provide in the contactdetails extension point follows:

        Company name, contact name, telephone number, e-mail address. A website is optional.

  • Update your contact information whenever it changes. This is very important because your end-users will use this information to contact you with questions and issues with your Red App.

When you use Eclipse to add this extension point, Eclipse automatically adds it to the MANIFEST.MF file. An example from the manifest is shown below.

Require-Bundle: org.eclipse.core.runtime,

When your Red App is provisioned and enabled for end-users, Sabre Red 360 displays information about your Red App and plug-in on the Application Vendor Support dialog, as shown below.

Select the Red App on the left to display the contact details on the right side of the dialog.

The values that you add to the contactdetails extension point are displayed in the Contact Name, Company, E-mail, Phone Number, and Website fields. The plug-in properties that you add using the manifest editor originate from the manifest. They are displayed in the Plug-in ID, Plug-in Name, and Version fields. Your Red App name is displayed in the list on the left.