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About Bargain Finder Max and How it Works

ClosedDoes Bargain Finder Max work from a booked itinerary similar to WPNI or is it more similar to JR?

Bargain Finder Max does not work off of a booked itinerary (like WPNI). Bargain Finder Max is more similar to JR and works off of dates, city pairs, passenger types, cabin of travel, and other optional qualifiers entered by the user.


ClosedWhat is the service name for Bargain Finder Max?

The service name for the Bargain Finder Max requested dates service is BargainFinderMaxRQ. The service name for the Bargain Finder Max alternate dates service is BargainFinderMax_ADRQ.


ClosedWhere can I obtain the Bargain Finder Max WSDL?

The Bargain Finder Max WSDL is located on Sabre Dev Studio ( To use resources for this API, you must first request a key to gain access: Register


ClosedDoes Bargain Finder Max return validating/plating carrier data?

The system returns plating carrier or validating carrier in the response from version 1.1.8 and higher.


ClosedIs Bargain Finder Max compatible with Direct Fare Filing (formerly Sabre MyFares)?

Yes. Bargain Finder Max is able to shop all private fares including those loaded via Direct Fare Filing.