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What Is It?

What is it?

Sabre Basics is a Sabre-in-a-box bundle that allows you to quickly get started with Sabre's industry-leading APIs by granting you access to multiple sub-bundles. These sub-bundles contain some of our most popular APIs.

The Sabre Basics bundle is designed to introduce you to Sabre's systems in a straightforward and readily available way.

The bundle offers you three sub-bundles, or Suites, which divide the process into three sections: the Offer Suite, the Order Suite, and the Fulfillment Suite. It also offers five simple workflows that engage with some of Sabre's top sellers, such as Bargain Finder Max (BFM) or Passenger Name Record (PNR). A list of the APIs included in the bundle can be found in References, under workflows.

Important! Before proceeding with our workflows, we recommend you check out the setup & guides section of this page.

Book Air Segment

The following workflow allows you to book flights, after the shopping process has been completed.

End-to-End Exchanges

The following workflow allows you to shop for alternate itineraries including the cost to exchange, book, confirm the exchange price of the new itinerary and issue the new ticket.


The following workflow allows you to shop for ancillaries such as baggage charges or air extras.

Add Seat

The following workflow allows you to add a seat to an existing reservation.

Issue / Modify Ticket

The following workflow allows you to issue or modify an existing ticket. This is a necessary step after Ancillaries and Add Seat.

Why use it?

Have you ever wondered what Sabre can do for you? 

The Sabre Basics bundle is our answer to that question. It's a direct path towards getting started with Sabre, and comes packaged with both a set of handy sub-bundles & workflows, and a user guide. It'll single-handedly take you from the first step to the final stretch.

This bundle is the perfect choice for both new and returning Sabre customers who would like an introduction to our systems.

Why Use It?