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Sabre Basic for Online Travel Agents

Product Suite
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What is it?

What is it?

Online Travel Agencies are rapidly becoming key to an evolving travel industry that demands high-quality performance and rapid response times. The OTA Basic product suite is designed to introduce you to Sabre's systems in a quick and cost-efficient way.

OTA Basic offers five simple workflows that engage with some of Sabre's top selling APIs, such as Bargain Finder Max and Create Passenger Name Record. A list of APIs included in OTA Basic can be found in the Reference tab.

Important! Before proceeding with our workflows, we recommend you check out the Setup & Guides tab at the top of this page.

Why use it?

Have you ever wondered what Sabre can do for you? 

The OTA Basic product suite is our answer to that question. It's a direct path towards getting started with Sabre, and comes packaged with a set of handy workflows workflows and a user guide. This bundle is the perfect choice for both new and returning Sabre customers who would like an introduction to our APIs.

Why use it?