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Digital Connect - Stateless Services

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Digital Connect Stateless APIs give customers the ability to access Sabre technologies, such as shopping and booking seats/ancillaries and paying and fulfilling a PNR. Airlines are able to leverage these services based on their use-case and build their omnichannel experience. Stateless services do not rely on configurations but rather are payload driven and require that the appropriate fields are leveraged to ensure airline specific response. 

This website provides information to developers on how to integrate with the Digital Connect Stateless API 

Using the Help tab, you can find additional information about  

  • Getting Started – link to the postman collection along with steps to get started with setting up and running the collection.   

  • Architecture – this section briefs about the API style, request structure and response structure adopted by stateless services. 

  • Authentication and Authorization –  this section provides details what is needed to get started with your first call. 

  • Glossary – this section consists of a list of abbreviations/common terms used in the airline industry. This is not a comprehensive list and will be updated as stateless services with new capabilities get added.