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Digital Connect - Stateless Services

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What is it?

Digital Connect (DC) Stateless services are lightweight, flexible API that let you customize the flight booking experience. Travel ecosystem is complex and with our stateless services offering we offer a simple, straightforward solution that is needed to get a particular job done. By taking away the need for completing a big list of prerequisites to make a request, our APIs can now be seamlessly integrated into any flow, in the order you prefer to create the best experience for your users. 

DC Stateless services are designed primarily for airlines to help build omnichannel experiences. We agree that there is no "one size fits all" and with our stateless services, you can now pick and choose the services you need and orchestrate them to build customized flows. We have taken out the need for storefronts and configurations per airline thereby giving our customers the flexibility to control how they expect these services to behave. 

Along this journey, we have taken the opportunity to also focus heavily on Developer Experience. Every service is supplemented with a Postman ( collection. Our collections should help ease developer onboarding and provide a robust user guide to each of the services we offer.  

Why use it?

Digital Connect Stateless Services allow you to access Sabre technologies in a seamless, consistent manner. Our stateless services are designed with strict adherence to the below-guiding principles. 

  • API first approach: Sabre's long history in the travel industry comes with tremendous learnings and insights. Our learnings have enabled us to design our APIs focusing largely on Developer experience. We understand airlines need to provide travelers with best-in-class user experience across all their channels. Having an API to support that is key to a consistent design.  

  • Payload-driven: Stateless services stemmed from the need to provide more flexibility to airlines to create unique experiences. We are offering services that are self-contained (context-less) and don't rely on setting up storefronts & configurations. Managing configurations and tying them to the business need became more complex as we scaled.  By moving away from this setup, users can specify each individual service behavior in the service's request payload. 

  • Consistent design: DC services connect to a number of different services managed by different product areas and have undergone several revisions. This means it is upon Digital Connect layer to ensure our consumers do not have to learn how every single API needs to be handled. Our services are thoroughly vetted and approved by API governance team within Sabre to ensure we are following the best practices and being consistent across all APIs. 

How can I use it?

If you are interested in using Digital Connect Stateless APIs, please reach out to your account director.