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Digital Connect Check-In

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Digital Connect Check-In Flows

Digital Connect Check-In services can be combined into many flows that fulfill the requirements of the customers.

All Digital Connect Check-In services can be used to build check-in process including different steps. Apart from few simple rules which need to be followed when using Digital Connect Check-In API, it is POS decision how the check-in flow looks like.

  1. The first step in each flow composed using Digital Connect Check-In services is retrieving Passenger's details. Having retrieved the information in place, it is possible to effectively use Digital Connect Check-In functionalities.

    To retrieve the data of the Passenger processed with Digital Connect Check-In services, the /dcci/passenger/details service should be used. This service provides information about Passenger(s), their itinerary and other details of the reservation. The data collected by using the /dcci/passenger/details service can be used to pass a Passenger through a check-in process. Most Digital Connect Check-In services work on the data retrieved by the /dcci/passenger/details service so this service is usually a mandatory step for each flow.

  2. The number and combination of the next services in the flow is arbitrary and depends on the results the User would like to achieve.