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Digital Connect

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Digital Connect APIs

Digital Connect comprises an API collection arranged into several flows that fulfil the requirements of customers and allow passengers to perform booking and post-booking operations. Learn more about the workflows available in Digital Connect.

Revenue Flow (B2C)

B2C Diagram

The Revenue Flow enables an airline to present offers and give the passenger the possibility to build and book an itinerary. Learn more.

Redemption Flow (RBE)

RBE Diagram

The Frequent Traveler Award Redemption functions allow frequent travellers to access their mileage balance and redeem those miles for points they can use during purchase. Digital Connect retrieves passengers profile with the available points.

When redeeming miles from passengers account, Digital Connect adds the certificate and award information to the historical remarks field of the reservation. Learn more.

Book Now Pay Later Flow (B2C:BNPL)

B2C:BNPL Diagram

The Book Now Pay Later feature enables airlines to allow passengers to create a booking and put it on hold for a specified time limit. The customer can pay for the booking at a later time. This feature supports the ability for airlines to configure a fee that customers would pay for using the option to put the booking on hold and pay later.

During shopping, this feature will determine which of the products selected by the passenger are eligible for Book Now Pay Later. This feature will also update the itinerary when the passenger selects this option. Learn more.