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Air Booking Collection

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What Is It?

What is it?

This bundle provides you with Sabre's best shopping functionality available, so you can find the best fare possible for a flight.

It offers the following APIs, all of which are available for browsing with further details via their links in the Reference page:

Bargain Finder Max (SOAP & REST)

  • New airline storefront

Alternate Airport Shop (REST)

Alternate Date (REST)

Orchestrated Air Booking (SOAP)

Revalidate Itinerary (REST)

  • New airline storefront

Get Ancillary Offers for Travel Agencies (SOAP)

Seat Map (REST)



Why use it?

This bundle includes some of our best performers, which are quick and rock stable. It also offers you a breadth of options - for example, it makes it possible to search for an alternate airport, a different date for the flight, and to browse the seat map for the flight, among other options.

Why Use It?