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Powerful Travel APIs

Over 150 APIs to help you build amazing travel applications.

    Air APIs

    APIs to find and book flights, including low-fare shopping, pricing and ticketing.

    Ground Transportation APIs

    APIs to find and book ground transportation, including rental cars and rail tickets.

    Hotel APIs

    APIs to find and book hotels including retail and negotiated rates from over 175,00 properties around the world.

    Profile APIs

    APIs to store, manage and access customer data.

    Trip Management APIs

    APIs to help you manage booked travel, including any changes to travel dates and times and passenger information.

    Session Management APIs

    In order to use SOAP APIs, sessions need to be established and managed when connecting to the Sabre infrastructure.

    Utility APIs

    APIs accociated with the workflow outside of Air booking, such as airport maps, aircraft information and airline and alliance memberships.

Getting Started

Get up and running in a few minutes with step-by-step instructions on how to get connected to the Sabre universe.

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Sample Code

Download sample code in your programming language of choice (with files and all).

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New to Travel?

New to the travel industry and trying to figure out how to start your own travel company? Check out our getting started in travel guide.

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